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Materials for Damp Proof Course in Construction

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There are various types of materials for damp proof course used in construction works based on type of damp proofing required and type of structural element of building. Damp proof course (DPC) is a barrier of impervious material built into a wall or pier to prevent moisture from moving to any part of the building.

Materials for damp proof course

Following are the materials generally used for damp proofing of structures:

1) Flexible Materials for Damp Proof Course

The materials, which do not crack and deform their shape when subjected to loading, are called Flexible Materials

a) Bitumen Mastic (Mastic Asphalt)

b) Bitumen Felts (Sheets)

c) Hot laid Bitumen

This material is used on a bedding of cement concrete or mortar.

d) Metal Sheets

2) Rigid Materials for Damp Proof Course

a) Rich Concrete

b) Mortar:

c) Bricks:

d) Stones or Slates:

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