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What is Technical Specification of a Civil Construction Project?

Technical specifications are written requirements and instruction which is used with construction drawings to complete heavy civil construction projects. So, information provided in technical specifications and construction drawings are different.

If the information provided in technical specification conflicts with those provided in construction drawing, the provisions of the former will precede those of construction drawings.

Technical Specification of a Civil Construction Project

Provisions of Technical Specifications of Civil Construction Projects

Technical specifications provide information about civil projects which is not provided in construction drawing. Information provided in technical specifications of heavy civil projects are as follows:

  • Testing requirements for quality assurance and quality control.
  • Steps for equipment and material placement
  • Detailed material requirements
  • List of materials and equipments which are not provided or shown in construction drawings
  • Construction sequence and restrictions
  • Submittal and schedule requirements
  • Measurement and payment provisions for all work items
  • Coordination with other contractor at work
  • Permits achieved by owner
  • Responsibilities
  • Safety issues
  • Reference data for instance field and laboratory test data, records of existing site and facilities, stream flow records, and climatic data

Miscellaneous general requirements for example environmental abatement, temporary facilities, and waste disposal which cannot be shown in the drawings.

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