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Preventive maintenance of batching plant encompases a list of indispensable measures which should be taken every now and then to increase a batch plant’s efficiency as well as its lifespan. Though, the maintenance cost may increase the overall investment on plant, but keeping the plant’s lifespan in view, each penny put on the maintenance of plant is worthwhile.

Preventive Maintenance of Batching Plant

Preventive maintenance is nothing but inspecting the components of batch plant and repairing or replacing them whenever necessary.To maintain batch plant in perfect condition, following aspects must be remembered.

  1. Keep Plant Clean
  2. Follow Safety Measures
  3. Control Overmixing
  4. Control Over-transportation
Concrete Batch Plant
Fig 1: Concrete Batch Plant

1. Keep Plant Clean

  • Cleanliness must be maintained in order to improve the longevity of batching plant.
  • Mixer should always be kept clean. Run the mixer at least once every day with stones and water in order to get it cleaned.
  • Clean the Weighing unit from time to time to maintain perfect calibration.

2. Safety Measures

  • Safety precautions must be followed in every part of the plant.
  • Emergency shutdown switches, safety disconnects on conveyor and turn head motors should be included in plant.
  • Every person working in plant should wear safety accessories such as gloves, apron, helmet etc.
  • Handrails must be provided for stairs, ladders and top floor levels.
  • Electrical wiring should be inspected regularly.
  • Entry access into the manholes of cement or aggregate compartments must be limited.
Safety Measures
Fig 2: Safety Measures

3. Control Overmixing

  • The mixing of concrete ingredients in a batch plant should be done at optimum speed.
  • The conveyor belts carrying ingredients or mix should be checked regularly and the conveyor gears must be lubricated periodically.
  • Check the batching software regularly if used. Plant maintenance software is also available which will give alerts when there is failure in plant components. 
  • The discharge of ingredients to the mixing compartment should be done with optimal speed.
  • Make sure to avoid stoppage of plant while mixing and discharging mix.

4. Control Over-transportation

  • The mix should be delivered at the right time, so the trucks must be on time to receive the product or concrete mix.
  • Mix Trucks must be in good condition to transport the mix. The delay in transportation causes severe effects on mix.
Concrete Batching Trucks
Fig 3: Concrete Batching Trucks

Along with the above recommendations, inspection of batching plant should be done periodically with the help of scheduled maintenance checklists.

Scheduled Maintenance of Batching Plant

Batch plant components should be continuously inspected and all areas of plant must be checked regularly. For ease of maintenance, scheduled checklists are prepared on timely basis as follows :

  1. Daily Maintenance
  2. Weekly Maintenance
  3. Monthly Maintenance
  4. Semi-annual Maintenance
Scheduled Maintenance
Fig 4: Scheduled Maintenance

1. Daily Maintenance Checklist

Daily maintenance checklist includes :

  • Inspection of Alignment and excessive wear of conveyor belts
  • Inspection of Air valves, cylinders and gates.
  • Inspection of Oil levels in all batching plant components.
  • Empty the water traps, manifolds and air tanks
  • Examination of excessive wear of components of batch plant.
  • Application of lubricants wherever necessary.
  • Check for air leaks or loss of air pressure.

2. Weekly Maintenance Checklist

Weekly maintenance checklist of batch plant includes :

  • Examination of the screws and bolts of all components and tighten them if found loose.
  • Air filters on aeration blowers shall be cleaned or replaced.
  • Bearings of all machinery such as cement feeder screws, loading conveyor, head and tail pulleys of conveyors etc. Shall be lubricated.
  • Inspect belt wipers and adjust them to proper position.
  • Examine the aggregate-gate pivot points and apply lubricant if required.

3. Monthly Maintenance Checklist

Monthly maintenance checklist of batch plant includes :

  • Examination of the conveyor skirt boards and sealers and their replacement with new ones if required.
  • Stiffening the Conveyor belts and adjust them to correct position.
  • Checking the oil levels in all gear reducers.
  • Silo filter vents and dust collectors must be examined.
  • Inspections regarding the working of Pinch valves, light bars and level indicators of storage compartments.

4. Semi-annual Maintenance Checklist

Semi-annual maintenance checklist of batch plant includes :

  • Examination of bin aeration pads and their substitution with new ones if necessary.
  • Examination and tightening of the V-belts. Replace them if damaged.
  • Clean Storage compartments and replace silo vents and duct collectors.
  • Check the accuracy of water meter.
  • Check scale accuracy.
  • Examine hanger bearing and feeder screws,replace them if damaged.

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