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1. Testing quality of building materials:

The samples of bricks, coarse aggregate and sand etc., brought at site should be checked for their quality before procuring the same.

2. Site verification with reference to drawings:

With reference to the layout plan of the proposed buildings and services, we should verify their feasibility by actually marking the buildings on ground i.e. whether all the buildings fit into the given site or not.

3. Sources of water and location of storage tank:

The source of water required for the construction purpose and the location of storage tanks without obstructing the layout of buildings are to be ascertained. The water for construction can be obtained by digging bore wells also.

4. Soil classification from trial pit:

Few trial pits should be done at random places of the proposed site and the strata should be furnished to determine the actual bearing capacity of soil to be considered while designing the foundations.

5. Mark the layout of main building:

Ancillaries like compound wall, electrical substation and all external services, to ensure that there are no obstructions.

6. Material stacking plan:

The requirement of materials should be worked and the demand for the same should be placed giving the dates by which the items along with their quantities are required for progressing the work. Materials like bricks, stones, sand and coarse aggregate should be stock piled in the open spaces between the buildings and along roads without causing any obstruction to the proposed buildings and external services. For this, a material stacking plan should be prepared immediately after the commencement of work.

7. Verification of all the drawings and designs:

The provisions of contract drawings should be studied in detail, so that discrepancies if any can be referred to higher authorities for clarification immediately. So that there will not be any hold up in the progress of work due to the discrepancies after commencing the work. Verify whether all the drawings as mentioned in the contract agreement together with amendments if any are available at site for reference and execution of work accordingly. Similarly, copy of approval letter along with a set of layout plan and drawings approved by competent municipal / local development authority should also be available at site for reference by visiting / inspecting officers.

The designs should be checked and discrepancies if any should be referred to higher authorities for clarification immediately, to avoid any delay in progress of work for want of clarifications.

8. Anti-termite treatment:

The site shall be thoroughly checked to find out if any termite mounds are present. If found within the plinth area of the building, necessary action should be taken to provide anti-termite treatment. This treatment should be done by an approved specialist firm only and the chemical shall be specified in the contract agreement.

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