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Top 10 Estimation Software in Construction Industry

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The most basic requirement for the preparation of a good bid is a precise and accurate estimate. If prepared by hand, not only the process would be laborious but also liable to errors. With the rapid digitalization of the construction industry, one should not be hesitant to try their hands on the tools and software it has to offer. Bidding software and other facilitating tools have become easily accessible to the firms and one should exploit them to the fullest.

In order to stay competitive in the sector, one would definitely need to adopt these tools. These tools provide you with a pedestal to manage and assist with a myriad of information to prepare a very precise estimate. Their services include quick calculation of the cost of materials, equipment and , recommendations as per the market fluctuations, fair profit review, instant takeoffs, ability to read CAD and BIM files, exclusive coordination with the project owners and a lot more.

Here is a list of software that will help you prepare a precise estimate :

1) Candy

It is a great Construction Project Management Software that focusses on project control in the construction & engineering industry. It targets the contractor’s requirements, from quantity take-off, pricing and planning a project, controlling at the site level, analytical estimations, critical path planning, dynamic forecasting, Project cash flow through to the final certificate. Candy uniquely provides an interactive link between the Bill of Quantity (BOQ) and the construction program or schedule of work in one exceptional construction project management solution.

2) CostX

The most innovative feature of CostX estimating software is its ability to quickly grab accurate measurements from scanned, PDF and CAD drawings, as well as of automatic BIM quantities from 3D/BIM models. You can use live-linked hierarchical workbooks to create an estimating build up with links to user-defined rate libraries. You can also create customized reports. It is one of the faster, smarter and more accurate ways to takeoff and estimate.

3) Sage Estimating

Sage Estimating software provides construction firms, large or small, with the power and flexibility to significantly speed up the estimating process. Sage Estimating works the way you do, helping you to build bids more quickly, accurately, and confidently; and includes takeoff and cost databases. Then, once the job has been won, estimate details flow automatically into Sage business management software, eliminating redundant tasks and data entry errors. Sage Estimating also helps in forecasting the , raw material and other overhead costs, which in turn helps contractors to prepare precise and accurate bids.

4) B2W Estimate

B2W Estimate is an application for heavy civil construction estimating and bidding. The system offers the ability to create and pre-populate detailed databases with costs, including default templates of crews and pay items. Estimators can work – with access to resources and items – even when disconnected from the office server. Reconnect, and the new estimates or changes are added on the server. This is a big advantage for companies that want the flexibility to work remotely from the job site or download a bid locally for closing during bid day.

5) HCSS Heavy bid

The primary motive of the HCSS HeavyBid developers is to help its users build estimates and manage daily bids. The software helps automate repetitive tasks based on tracking data from multiple sources; such as past estimates, standardized libraries, historical costs, performance data, and integrated RSMeans. Users can build, review and edit estimates quickly, and automatically run price calculations to identify errors. With HeavyBid, users can break down complex work into more manageable pieces, and organize estimates to fit the organization’s needs. Users can also analyze subcontractor and supplier quotes.

6) ProEst Estimating software

ProEst is a cloud-based construction estimating software that offers automated features for construction companies of all sizes. It enables construction teams to monitor and manage centralized estimates, takeoffs, reports and contracts, and all information can be accessed and shared 24/7 from any internet-connected mobile device. Users can measure, evaluate and control business performance throughout the project lifecycle, and construction databases provide current costing and productivity data. ProEst also offers visibility into the future by tracking pending projects, updating estimate pipelines and creating accurate short- and long-term business forecasts.

7) Stack

With STACK Estimating, users are able to produce bids with user-defined pricing, allowing them to calculate costs more accurately. Users are able to execute their own takeoffs within the program, or they can request the STACK team to do the work for them with a single click via the STACK To-Go tool. STACK Estimating also provides pre-built for some trades that include in-depth lists of equipment, , and materials users need based on customizable historical experience.

8) On-Screen Takeoff

On-Screen Takeoff helps in generating and completing more bids accurately. The solution offers tools for estimating, managing bids and having project visibility. A bid wizard guides new users through all dialogues while creating a new bid. The application supports digitizer integration, file integration (CAD, PDF, etc), and 2D takeoff. The estimating application includes quote system, cost databases by trade, and accounting integration. The system is compatible with tablet technology that provides field access to project data for cost and management.

9) eSub

creates paperless projects with one central storage for project information, photos, drawings, PDFs and any other documents that all team members access in real time. Logging in through a secure internet portal, eSUB’s project management module allows subcontractors to create, log, and track important documents like requests for information (), change orders, and more. eSUB’s timecard module tracks subcontractors’ hours and costs, which can be sent from the field to accounting software. eSUB eliminates manual processes of tracking projects and automates tracking and communication.

10) Clear Estimates

Clear Estimates is a cloud-based construction estimating system for remodelers and contractors which allows them to create estimates, produce bid requests, draft proposals, manage customers and more. While originally intended for remodelers, the system can be customized to meet the needs of most trades, such as homebuilders, design/build firms, finishing contractors, roofing and siding contractors and other speciality contractors. It is designed for smaller companies that generate less than $5 million in revenue annually.

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