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The components of sewer sanity project cost such as design and construction cost are discussed in the following sections.

Components of sewer sanitary project cost

Design Cost

This involves the cost of planning, studying various options, environmental evaluation, geotechnical investigation, surveying, engineering design, permitting and review cost.

The cost of design is often make small portion of the project total cost. It is reported that, design cost is less than 20% of the total project fee for reconstruction project whereas it is less than 10% for newly constructed project.

Components of Sewer Sanitary Project Cost

Construction Cost

Construction cost make up the majority of sewer sanitary project cost and it is divided into two major components including direct construction cost and indirect construction cost.

Direct Construction Cost

Commonly, considerable amount of the budget used for the sewer sanitary construction is allocated for direct construction cost. It composed of materials used, equipments, and labor costs.


Indirect Construction Costs

Indirect construction costs are the influences of sewer sanitary placements. Indirect construction costs include:

Vehicular traffic disruption

There are two types of traffic disruption involves delay and detour. When sewer sanitary is constructed on an existing street and the area is not closed for traffic, delays will probably occur while materials are transported to the area and when the sewer is connected to an existing system.

However, detour make drivers to take longer routes to reach their destination and eventually greater fuel will be consumed.

Road and pavement damage

Road and pavement area located in constriction region will be damages during sewer sanitary trenching. This deterioration is influenced by soil condition as well.

Damage to adjacent structure

There are two types of expenses caused by damages to neighboring structures. Firstly, the slow progression of the construction work in confined area. Secondly, the cost and time needed to reconstruct damaged structures.

Damage to adjacent utilities

When adjacent utilities for instance gas and telephone lines are not accurately specified on construction area, they will likely to be damaged during the construction of sewer sanitary system.

Repairing cost and disruption time make up the cost of utility damages. Site safety: The safety of public should be maintained at project site. For example, adequate access should be provided for emergency cars, pedestrians, and motorists.

So, it is necessary to have adequate access at construction site all the time.

Business and trade loss

Certainly, business along the construction site will suffer losses due to difficulties that customers may subject to even though adequate access is maintained all the time.

Heavy construction and air pollution

Commonly, construction of sewer sanitary system is both dirty and noisy. Contractors might consider measures to reduce detrimental effects and worker may get used to this condition.

However, residents around the construction area may be disturbed by the noise and pollutions due to exhausting from operating machines may cause health problems.

It should be known that, the cost cannot be estimated but efforts should be made to decrease its detrimental effects.

Pedestrian safety

Sometimes, it is required to create temporary pedestrian way through construction area especially when large projects are constructed in confined cities. Added to that, it may be necessary to move the walk way as the project is progressed along the streets.

Damage to detour road

When a detour road is constructed for the project, then it may subject to high traffic which leads to damage the pavement.

Citizen complaints

Maintaining good relationship with public is a must and hence all complains if exist should be tackled properly.

Environmental affects

There are cases in which sewer sanitary system need to be constructed in an area that is sensitive from environmental point of view for instance area close to wetland, through or under river.

In these situations, utmost care should be practiced to decline adverse effect on environment to as minimum and possible and hence maintain natural landscape of the area.

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