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Shifting and Tilting of Well Foundations

Well Foundation

Well Foundation

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Shifting and tilting occur generally during the sinking phase of well foundations. If proper care is not taken, they can cause grave problems which may lead to the weakening of the stability of foundations. Precautions to avoid shifting and tilting, limitations and rectifying methods are discussed below.

Shifting and Tilting of Well Foundations

Precautions to Prevent Shifting and Tilting

Following safety measures should be considered to prevent shifting and tilting of well foundations:


Rectifying Methods

Rectifying methods for Rectification of shifting and tilting problems in well foundations are as follows:

  1. Eccentric loading
  2. Excavation on higher side
  3. Water jetting
  4. Pulling the well
  5. Using hydraulic jacks
  6. Using struts
  7. Excavation under cutting edge
  8. Wood sleeper under cutting edge

1. Eccentric loading

Fig 1: Eccentric Loading on Well Foundation

2. Excavation on Higher Side

Fig 2: Excavation on Higher Side

3. Water Jetting

Fig 3: Water Jetting on Higher Side

4. Pulling the Well

Fig 4: Pulling the Well Foundation

5. Pushing using Jacks

Fig 5: Pushing using Jacks

6. Using Struts

Fig 6: Strutting the Well From Lower Side

7. Excavation under Cutting Edge

8. Wood Sleeper under Cutting Edge

Fig 7: Wood Sleeper under Cutting Edge
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