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Sky Bridge 721: World’s Longest Suspension Bridge

sky bridge is the world's longest suspended pedestrian bridge

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The world's longest suspension bridge, called Sky Bridge 721, opened in the Czech Republic on 13 May 2022.

The 721 m-long bridge will provide spectacular views of the cloud-shredded Jeseniky mountains as well as an exciting experience for its visitors.

An aerial view of the Sky Bridge 721

Located in the Dolni Morava mountain resort, the footbridge is about a 2.5-hour drive from Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic.

The Sky Bridge 721 has surpassed 516 Arouca (suspension bridge in Portugal), which formerly held the title of the world's longest suspension bridge.

Sky Bridge 721

The bridge took nearly two years to complete and cost around 8.4 million dollars to construct.

It has been built using 1,030 cubic meters of concrete, resulting in a total weight of 405 tonnes, with the total weight of the ropes reaching 158 tonnes and that of the auxiliary structures as 20 tonnes.

Hanging 95 meters (312 feet) above a valley, the Sky Bridge 721 begins at the Slamenka Chalet near the existing Skywalk over the valley and connects to the side of Chlum Hill.

Sky Bridge 721

Tourists will enter the bridge at an elevation of 1,125 meters and exit it 10 meters higher.

The bridge is suspended by six main supporting ropes and 60 wind ropes of different diameters spanning 1.2 meters in width for the walkway.

The visitors crossing the bridge will get to learn about the local history through an educational trail called the “Bridge of Time'. It shows the history of Moravia, steps to protect the environment, and the life story of a local family through 10 panels.

Sky Bridge 721

The 'Bridge of Time' was prepared with elements of augmented reality in cooperation with the state-owned enterprise LESY CR (Forests of the Czech Republic) and the Museum of Czechoslovak Fortifications of 1935-38.

For visitors, it will be a one-way walk, and after exiting from the other side, they will step on a paved pathway in a forest where they will get to know about the region's history.

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