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The Constructor - Civil Engineering Home for Civil Engineers

The Constructor - Civil Engineering Home provides informational resources to Civil Engineers in United States of America, India, United Kingdom, Australia and around the world on various subjects such as construction management, Structural Engineering, Building Construction Tips, How to Guides for Civil Engineers etc.

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Economical Design of Reinforced Concrete Columns to Reduce Cost

Economical design of reinforced concrete columns and its construction practices and recommendations to reduce its cost of construction is discussed. Columns are the major elements in reinforced concrete structures and the safety and stability of the structure greatly depends on ...

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Roles and Responsibilities of Architect in Construction

Architects in construction plays an important role and they are responsible for visual appearance of the buildings and structures before final structural design. Architect is a person appointed by the client, who develops a facility as per the design concept and ...

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Top Issues Faced by Construction Industries in 2017 and Future

Construction industries faces a lot of challenges and issues such as productivity, sustainability, profit margins, lack of skilled labors, use of technology etc. which are discussed in detail. What are the Growth Prospects of Construction Industries? Increase in the population will bring ...

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Hand Mixing of Concrete -Procedure and Precautions

Carrying out hand mixing of concrete requires special skills and care during the process for quality control of fresh concrete. The precautions and the correct way of performing hand mixing of concrete is to undergo the mixing process as recommended ...

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Roles and Responsibilities of a Civil Site Engineer

Roles and responsibilities of a civil site engineer depends on the nature of construction works in a project and involves various activities such as quality control and reporting. As the activities carried out in a construction industry is highly dynamic in ...

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