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If the roof, the gutter, the first rain separator and the filter is kept clean, the collected rainwater will be crystal clear. This is an indication that good maintenance is being followed. If the water is however dirty in color ...

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Steel Fiber Reinforced Concrete Mix Preparation and Uses

Steel Fiber Reinforced Concrete (SFRC) Steel fiber reinforced concrete is a composite material having fibers as the additional ingredients, dispersed uniformly at random in small percentages, i.e. between 0.3% and 2.5% by volume in plain concrete. SFRC products are manufactured by adding ...

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Causes of Cracks in concrete structures: The principal causes of occurrence of cracks in a building are as follows: 1. Permeability of concrete. As deterioration process in concrete begins with penetration of various aggressive agents, low permeability is the key to its durability. ...

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PROJECT PLANNING   In planning phase, plan is made and strategies are set, taking into consideration the company policies, procedures and rules Planning provides direction, unifying frame work, performance standards, and helps to reveal future opportunities and threats In Planning, the following steps ...

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Selection of Durable Construction Materials for Concrete Structures

Durable concrete construction requires selection of durable construction materials. Selection and properties of these construction materials are discussed. Achieving  Durability for Concrete Structures The  durable  concrete structures  are  to  be  conceptualized, specified,  designed,  contracted,  constructed  and  maintained.  To  achieve  the design  life  ...

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