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The Constructor - Civil Engineering Home for Civil Engineers

The Constructor - Civil Engineering Home provides informational resources to Civil Engineers around the globe on various subjects such as construction management, Structural Engineering, Building Construction Tips, How to Guides for Civil Engineers etc.

8 Points to Remember when Concreting in Rainy Season

Be it the season with extreme heat, extreme cold or inclement rains, Civil Engineers should be accustomed to fight all kinds of seasonal fluctuations. These fluctuations bring in different impediments in front of the constructor which are necessary ...

Methods of Glazing of Clay Products

Glazing is a process of providing a glassy layer on the surface of clay products or ceramics. The glazing layer is fused to a ceramic body by burning at a high temperature. The thickness of glazing is generally ...

Determination of Relative Density of Soil

Relative density is defined as the ratio of difference of void ratios of cohesionless soil in its loosest state and the natural state (emax - e) to the difference between void ratio in its loosest and densest state ...

Architectural Concrete Construction and Finishes

Architectural concrete construction needs special care in the selection of materials, forming, placing, and finishing in order to achieve the designated architectural appearance. Architectural concrete stays permanently exposed to view on surfaces of completed structures making important for ...

Concrete Frame Construction – Types and Major Components

Concrete frame construction is a construction method which comprises a network of columns and beams to transfer the loads coming onto the structure to the foundation successfully. Wholistically, it forms a structural skeleton for the building which is ...

Water Demand in Water Supply System

Determination of water demand is indispensable when it comes to the design of a proper water work project. An accurate estimation of water demand helps to determine the quantities of water and moments when the water will be ...