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The Constructor - Civil Engineering Home for Civil Engineers

The Constructor - Civil Engineering Home provides informational resources to Civil Engineers in United States of America, India, United Kingdom, Australia and around the world on various subjects such as construction management, Structural Engineering, Building Construction Tips, How to Guides for Civil Engineers etc.

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What is Request for Quotation in Construction Projects?

A request for quote or a quotation (RFQ) in a construction project is an invitation to contractors for bidding process of various activities of project by owner or main contractor. Request for quote can be for construction works, supply of ...

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Process of Brick Masonry Column Construction

Masonry column is a structural element which is one of the main load bearing element in a masonry structure. Process of reinforced and unreinforced masonry column construction is discussed. Usually, the column construction is carried out by concrete to order to ...

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Components of a Hydropower Plant and their Functions

What is Hydropower Plant? Hydropower plant uses hydraulic energy of water to produce electricity. The power obtained from this plant is termed as hydroelectric power. Nearly 16% of total power used by the world is represented by hydropower. There are several types ...

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What are Difficulties Faced during Leveling in Surveying?

Different difficulties are faced during leveling which makes the surveying process difficult to carry. Types of difficulties and their methods to overcome are discussed. Leveling is a part of surveying, in which relative heights of different objects on or below the ...

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What are the Types of Mechanical Splices for Rebars?

Mechanical rebar splices for rebars in concrete construction is an effective method of joining reinforcing bars. These are designed based on codes of standard practice. Mechanical splices in reinforced concrete construction should meet the building code requirements for developing tension and ...

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What are Common Fire Protection Systems for Steel Structures?

Steel structure fire protection systems are designated to protect the structure from fire for a specified amount of time. Various fire protection systems are available to be used. Fire protection systems are specified by designers. In this article, different steel structure ...

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