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Types of High-Rise Buildings Structural Systems

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A multistory building higher than 21m or 21 to 29 floor buildings with unknown height described as high-rise structure. Various structural systems are available to be used in the construction of high rise building. In this article, different types of high rise structural systems are presented.

Types of High-Rise Buildings Structural Systems

1. Braced frame structural system

Fig.1:Different bracing types

Fig.2:Braced frame structure

2. Rigid frame structural system

Fig.3:Rigid frame structural system

3. Wall-frame system (dual system)

Fig.4:wall frame system

4. Shear wall system

Fig.5:shear walls system

5. Core and outrigger structural system

Fig.6:Outtrigger structure system

6. Infilled frame structural system

Fig.7:Infilled frame structure system

7. Flat plate and flat slab structural system

Fig.8:Flat slab and flat plate structure system

8. Tube structural system

Fig.9:Framed tube structure system

Fig.10:Trussed tube system

Fig.11:Bundled tube structure system

Fig.12:Tube in a tube system

9. Coupled wall system

Fig.13:Coupled wall system

10. Hybrid structural system

Fig.14:Vierendeel frame

Fig.15:Hybrid structure system

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