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Cable Stayed Method of Bridge Construction:

The technique of cable-stayed construction has been used and continually developed over the last 50years. It is the most common construction choice today when a bridge is required to span more than 300. Cable-stayed bridges can be either concrete or steel though a combination of both materials is often chosen.

Fig: Stay cable anchorages on a concrete deck

For concrete cable stayed bridges free cantilever construction is considered economical. With this method the deck segments can be either precast or cast-in-situ by travelling shutter arrangement.

In ca cable stayed bridge, depending on its design, the cables carry the bridge deck from one or both sides of the supporting tower. The stay cables carry the deck and transfer all bridge loads to the foundations. This is done by transmitting the cable stay forces, through its extremeties, at it anchorage points. Stay cables are firmly attached to the anchorages which are designed to resist the buckling forces of the loads.

Detailing of all anchorages should allow for their safe construction and accessibility for inspection and maintenance on completion. In concrete stay-cabled anchorages are placed under the deck.

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