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Home Maintenance Business Ideas for Independent Contractors

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Home Maintenance Business Ideas

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There are various businesses that you can venture into for making the most profits. One business idea you can consider is providing quality services to residential properties. You don't know how many residents need to hire someone that can do repairs or maintenance in some areas of their house. 

Many successful businesses focus on providing home maintenance and improvement services. If you plan on creating a company that focuses on providing services to residential properties, you should learn about some of the ideas that could help jumpstart your business. Once you focus on one business idea that suits your style, you'll be on your way to becoming the owner of a successful business. 

1. Cabinet-Making Business

Many homeowners need extra cabinets to provide more storage for their daily household objects. You can start a cabinet-making business that becomes widely popular with homeowners of newly constructed residential properties. 

2. Duct-Cleaning Business

Many modern homes have HVAC systems rather than air conditioners because it's the most effective way for distributing cool and warm air around the house. After a while, the air ducts will become dirty, and homeowners will need professional help to clean them up. That is why there are several air-cleaning businesses that are doing well worldwide. You can go for that business idea if your area has homes with HVAC systems. 

3. Carpentry Business

Carpentry is one of the most common services that homeowners hire from time to time. Doing woodwork is never an easy job because you need to ensure that every measurement is precise. If you don't have any experience doing carpentry, you will only be wasting wood and other carpentry supplies that professional carpenters can use. 

If you notice a neighborhood frequently hiring carpentry services, you can use that to your advantage and start a business. You may need to hire several experienced carpenters to start your business, but it will be worth it once calls from homeowners start pouring in. As word gets out, more and more people will hire your company for carpentry services to repair, build, or maintain furniture. 

4. Upholstery and Carpet Cleaning Business

Keeping a home clean is difficult, especially if you have a large house and everyone is out working. One part of the home that needs extensive cleaning is the carpets and upholstery from couches and other furniture. Fortunately, you can start an upholstery and carpet cleaning business that can provide quality cleaning services.  

Besides cleaning carpets for residential and commercial properties, you can also provide services to car owners for cleaning their floor carpets and seats. Both of them get dirty quicker than other parts of the vehicle, so you shouldn't have any shortage of clients who will hire your services. If you want to achieve customer satisfaction at all times, you need to hire professional carpet and upholstery cleaners that have an adequate amount of experience. 

5. Architecture Business

If you want to step into the construction business, you can always start a business related to architecture. It would be best to start the company in a developing area where there are upcoming projects. Clients will want to hire a skilled architect to help them construct their residential buildings. 

Architecture is one of the vital components to achieve efficient construction. Without architects, other contractors like engineers cannot build the structure since they don't have a basis for building it. Ensure you hire architects at your architecture firm that can withstand long hours of coming up with project ideas to give to clients. It may be a stressful job, but the payoff is worth it.

6. Chimney-Sweeping Business

During cold seasons, homeowners will use their chimneys to heat the inside of their house. While chimneys may not be present in most houses nowadays, some old houses still have fully functional chimneys. Some homeowners don't have the time to clean the chimney themselves, so you can think about starting a chimney-sweeping business. 

You can offer it as another type of service alongside your main home cleaning business so that homeowners can contact you for chimney sweeping services. Sweeping a chimney is hard work for anyone, and you need to have healthy lungs to do it. The ashes from the burnt firewood could be dangerous and block your airways, making it hard to breathe. 

It would be ideal to invest in Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for your cleaning staff, like masks, safety goggles, and cleaning gloves that can help them do their jobs efficiently. The faster and better you can clean out the chimney, the higher will be the customer satisfaction and the greater would be the reach of your business.

7. Home Cleaning Business

Many businesses provide professional home cleaning services, especially when homeowners have large houses that need frequent cleaning. That will be the perfect business idea if you want to provide home services. As mentioned, alongside, you can also provide cleaning services that focus on chimney sweeping, upholstery and carpet cleaning, etc. 

You need to set up your business near neighborhoods that would often hire home cleaning services and gain more clients by guaranteeing them quality home cleaning. Starting a home cleaning business is easy once you have the right team of cleaners and cleaning tools and equipment. 

You can always hire inexperienced cleaners and have them trained to ensure the delivery of quality service. Each of your cleaners should have a good eye at spotting all kinds of stains or mess they find in a home. 


Keep these business ideas in mind if you want to gain the most profit. There are many other ideas that you can learn about in addition to providing quality home services. You can also offer services to commercial buildings and businesses in your area. While you’re at it, you should teach your staff how to look and operate security access doors if your business involves home cleaning.

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