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The criteria for the design of earth dams are:

1. Sufficient spillway capacity and freeboard are provided so that there is no danger of overtopping of the dam

2. Seepage flow through the embankment is controlled so that the amount lost does not interfere with the objective of the dam and there is no erosion or sloughing of soil. In this respect, seepage line should remain well within the downstream face of the dam and the portion of the dam on downstream side of the impervious core should be well drained.

3. Uplift pressure due to the seepage underneath is not enough to cause piping

4. The slopes of the embankment are stable under all conditions of reservoir operation, including rapid drawdown and during steady seepage under full reservoir.

5. The stresses imposed by the embankment upon the foundation are less than

the strength of material in the foundation with a suitable factor of safety.

6. The upstream face is properly protected ((stone pitching, riprap, revetment) against erosion caused by wave action, and the downstream face is protected (counter-booms, turfs) against the action of rain

General view of an Earthfill dam

General view of an Earthfill dam

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