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Types of Rebaring Equipment used for Reinforcement Cutting and Bending

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Different types of rebaring equipment are used for cutting, bending and tying of reinforcement in reinforced concrete construction. These types of rebaring equipments are discussed in this article.

Types of Rebaring Equipment used for Reinforcement Works in RCC

The below flowchart shows the process undergone in rebaring and their respective equipment available.

Reinforcement Cutting Equipments

Electric Rebar Cutters

Electric rebar cutters are bar cutting equipment that can cut bars up to 16mm diameters. They can cut bolts and high strength tensile bars. They require a charging time of 25 minutes. When the equipment is fully charged, it can cut 75 pieces of 16mm diameter and 110 pieces of 13mm diameter bars with ease. It possess an adjustable head that can rotate in 180 degrees. The below figure shows an electric rebar cutter.

Fig.1: Electric Rebar Cutter

Specially designed hydraulic electric motors are available which are very easy to operate. They have the advantage of no sparks or flames. They also have no large abrasive blades that make use of trailing hoses. The system make use of hydraulic oil, tool kit and a carrying case. These are portable in nature. These helps in cutting bars that have epoxy coating (if any) within 5 seconds. These are available in 16 to 32 mm diameter cutting capacities. Here there is a knob that is adjusted as per the size of the bar placed to cut.

Fig.2: Electric or Hydraulic Rebar Cutting Equipment

Heavy Duty Rebar Cutter

Heavy duty rebar cutter as the name specifies can cut bars of large diameter, up to 42mm. The equipment is highly sophisticated and developed that, it can cut three to six pieces of the bars at a single cutting. The cutter is of general type. To ensure protection of its internal gear and for lasting performance, it has a tightly sealed oil type. The machine gains fame in its excellent power and cutting speed. The blade is treated with heat to reduce the damage of the blade during the cutting.

Fig.3: Heavy Duty Cutting Machine Example Model- TYC -D35 with the operation of cutting three pieces of bars at a single time

Wire Rope Cutters

Wire rope cutters are equipment used to cut the wire ropes under required specification. The blade used for the wire rope cutters are made of high strength steel with a coating of titanium to ensure precision and longevity of the blade. The cutting capacity of these cutters varies from 1.5mm to 20mm diameter wire ropes. The time taken to cut the wires are 8 seconds. This equipment too gains a rotating head, that would turn in 180 degrees. The system weighs around 6.3kg.

Fig.4: Heavy Duty Hydraulic Wire Rope Cutters

Rebar Cutting Shear

The process of cutting of large number of bars on a regular basis is carried out with the help of rebar cutting shear equipment. These are machines used by large manufacturers, who bring the bars as per the demand of the engineer and specifications. Such method will give ready to use bars on site, with no cutting at the site. The machine possesses upper and lower jaws, that is kept in such a way to hold the rebar in position. The separation of any uncut rebars or condense cut piles are done with the help of raking tines.

Fig.5: Rebar Cutting Shear Equipment

Reinforcement Bending Equipment

Electric Automatic Rebar Benders

Electric automatic rebar benders bending equipment is ideal for contractors, manufacturers and the builders who can perform the bending of bars with ease, gaining accuracy. T his system is used both on site and in the shop by the manufacturers. The machines run quietly and work only when the bending has to be made. This would help in avoiding unnecessary wear within the machine. The figure below shows an electric automatic rebar bending machine. The system provides us with rollers and collars that would facilitate the use of wide range of bar diameters.

Fig.6: Electric Automatic Rebar Bending Machine

Compared to manual bending techniques, the fatigue and injury problems with the workers are reduced. To ensure safety, flush mounted start and stop buttons are provided. The maximum capacity of these machines is up to 32mm. The diameter of bending and bending angle varies with a different model of the machine.

Spiral Hoop Radial Benders

Spiral Hoop Radial Benders are machines that are designed for the spiral bending of reinforcement bars that have large diameters. They have two driving rolls, of which one is adjustable to help in holding different diameter bars.

Fig.6: Spiral Hoop Radius Bending Machine

Reinforcement Tying Equipment

Manual Rebar Tying Machines

Here the cutting, twisting, and tying of the rebar are done in place. The method involves experienced labor with handy equipment for wire tying. This method is low cost having no sort of maintenance. This method is employed in all weather condition. Small projects make use of such methods. The tying equipment weighs almost 0.68kgs. Any combination of bar sizes can be tied by this method.

Fig.7: Reinforcement Tying Equipment

Automatic Rebar Tying Equipment

These are equipment that ties bars automatically for sizes up to 32mm. They take for 1.6seconds for a single tie. They have torqued adjustments; these are adjusted to have different tying tightness. Depending on the size of the rebar, each wire spool will tie almost 120 to 200 rebars.

Fig.8: Automatic Rebar Tying Equipment

Electric Cutting and Bending Equipment for Reinforcement Works

This equipment help in undergoing the process of cutting and bending in a combination. These machines are portable in nature. The machine has a cutting speed of 180 degree, that creates a bend within 7 seconds.

Fig.9: Electric Reinforcement Bar cutting and Bending Equipment

These equipments can be used for cutting and bending of bars up to 16mm diameter range. No requirement for changing the attachments are carried out, that makes the equipment faster and easy to use. Read More: What is Rebaring Technique in Reinforced Concrete Construction?
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