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Tension Test on Steel Rod

Tension test is performed on mild steel, tor steel and high tensile steel to determine the properties like Young's modulus, ultimate strength, and the percentage elongation. In the tension test, a steel rod is subjected to tension load by the ...

What is a Diaphragm Wall?

Diaphragm wall is a continuous reinforced concrete wall constructed in the ground to support major construction activities like the construction of dams, tunnel approaches, deep basements and enclosures. They act as a retaining wall, support for the underground ...

Difficulties in Soil Stabilization for Road Construction

Soil stabilization is the method of improving soil properties by adding suitable stabilizers to it. It is very important to achieve the required strength for the soil, especially in road construction projects where an unstable base can lead ...

Earth Retaining Systems for Deep Excavations

Different types of earth retaining systems can be employed to conduct deep excavation procedure in construction. The selection of earth retaining system depends on the economy, the soil conditions of the site, the safety of adjacent structures, water table conditions ...