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Saudi Arabia’s Mirrored Skyscrapers to House Nine Million People

Mirror Line

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Saudi Arabia has unveiled the images of yet another mega project called the "Mirror Line" in the city of Neom. 

The structure involves the construction of two parallel, mirrored buildings with a height of 500 meters running across 75 miles. At this height, the skyscraper will stand taller than the Empire State Building.

According to the World State Journal, the approximate budget for the project is expected to be a whopping $1 trillion.

Neom, the new zero-carbon smart city being built in Saudi Arabia, is the Prince's initiative towards introducing new technologies that could totally modernize urban life while maintaining the ecological balance.

Stretching 170 kilometers across northwest Saudi Arabia, the city will consist of two wall-like buildings with mirrored facades that will enclose an open area between them. 

The two buildings will be connected via walkways and will have a track for high-speed trains running underneath them. The residents will be able to travel end-to-end within a 20-minute stretch.

The initial design of Mirror Line has been provided by the US-based Morphosis Architects and involves at least nine other design and engineering consultants.

The structure will run from the Gulf of Aqaba through to a mountain resort and include amenities like a suspended sports complex, a marina to dock yachts, and a complex that will house the Saudi Government.

The buildings will have the capacity to accommodate five million people and will feature intricate insides with greenery and homes to create a linear community.

Vertical farming will be integrated into the building to feed the population, and residents will pay a subscription for three meals a day.

Powered entirely by renewable energy, the project is supposed to be a sustainable substitute for traditional cities.

Critics are skeptical that the sheer scale of the project will affect the groundwater level and also violate the rights of the tribal population that is being displaced from the region.

The Prince has claimed that the project will be completed by 2030, but due to the complexity of the structure, some engineers anticipate it could take up to 50 years.

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