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Types of Liner Used for Sewer Sanitary System

There are various types of liners used for sewer sanitary system such as cast in place liners, chemically attached liners and mechanically attached liners which are categorized based on attachment technique and type of material used in the liner production. These ...

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What are the Purpose of Dewatering Foundation Excavations?

There are various reasons that enforce dewatering of foundation excavation such as to keep excavation bottom dry, prevent ground water or soil leakage, prevent sand boiling, to prevent upheaval failure, prevent basement floatation. In this article, foundation dewatering motivation are ...

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Methods of Excavation Used for Deep Foundation Construction

There are number of excavation methods which are used for deep foundation construction such as full open cut method, bracing excavation, anchored excavation, island excavation methods,zoned excavation, top down construction methods etc. These excavation techniques are discussed.

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What are the Causes of Failure in Deep Excavations?

There are various factors that may lead to failure in deep excavations. Those factors will be discussed briefly. Causes of Failure in Deep Excavations Causes of failure in deep excavation are divided into two subtopics which include:Causes of failure in open deep ...

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