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Types of Supports and Reactions and Their Applications in Structures

Support in a structure is a member which helps others member to resist loads. Different types of supports, their reactions and applications in structures.

Highway Sound Barrier Masonry Walls -Purpose, Advantages and Design Considerations

Highway sound barrier wall works as a sound energy absorber before sound reaches the receiver. Purpose, advantages, and design considerations of Highway sound barrier masonry wall is discussed.

Cable Supported Bridge Conceptual Seismic Design and its Components

Conceptual design of cable supported bridge starts with determining the type of the cable supported bridge to be designed and its suitable location.

Causes of Excessive Deflections in Reinforced Concrete Slabs

Deflection of reinforced concrete slab is acceptable to a certain amount and there are limitations which are established by applicable Codes to specify the amount of deflection which is acceptable.

Design of FRP Axial Strengthening of RCC Columns -ACI 440.2R-08

FRP axial strengthening systems are used to improve or enhance the capacity of reinforced concrete columns. It can be used for both circular and...

Stability Evaluation of Gravity Concrete Structures -Dams and Retaining Walls

Stability evaluation of gravity concrete structures such as dams, retaining walls due to various reasons with methods and procedures of stability evaluation is discussed. Stability...

Design of Masonry Structures for Accidental Damage -Types of Accidental Loads

Accidental damages in masonry structures occur due to unexpected loads. Design of masonry structures for accidental damages due to various types of accidental loads are discussed.

Methods to Improve Ductility of RCC Beams with Fiber Reinforced Polymer Bars

The ductility of beams reinforced with FRP bars are the major concern because of the linear elastic behavior up to rupture without yielding of FRP materials.

Inspection of Underwater Concrete Structures -Methods, Types and Purpose

Inspection of underwater concrete structures is required for maintenance and repair works. Methods, types and objectives of underwater concrete structure inspection is discussed.

Types of Openings in Walls, its Parts and Types of Lintels and Arches for...

Types of openings in walls, its parts and types of lintels and arches for openings with regard to stability and strength of the wall...

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