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System design is the application of the scientific methods to selection and assembly of components or systems to form the optimum system to attain specified goals and objectives while subject to given constraints and restrains .Applied to building systems design must provide answers to all the following question:

1. What precisely should the building accomplish?

2. What conditions exist or will exist after construction, that are beyond the designers control?

3. What requirements for the building or conditions affecting systems performance does design control?

4. What performance requirements and time and cost criteria cab be used to evaluate the building design?


The traditional building procedure can be improved by:

1. MORE QUESTIONING of the cost effectiveness of the proposed building components and greater effort to obtain better alternatives.

2. COORDINATING the work of various design and construction specialist to achieve more cost effective designs.

3. PLACING relevant emphasis on both construction and life cycle costs.

4. Having a construction expert contribute his knowledge of construction and costs to the design process.

5. Use of techniques that will reduce the number of mistakes and omissions in design that are not discovered until after construction starts.

The system design approach offers opportunities for such improvements

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