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Traversing in Surveying – Types and Methods

A traverse is a series of connected lines whose lengths and directions are to be measured and the process of surveying to find such measurements is known as traversing. In general, chains are used to measure length and ...

5 Types of Tapes Used in Surveying

Tapes are used in surveying to take linear measurements. They are available in different lengths and can be made of different materials. The 5 most common types of tapes used in surveying are discussed in this article.

Types of Tide Gauges

Tide gauge is an instrument used to measure the changes in water level with respect to a vertical datum. The variations in sea level during high tides and low tides are measured by using tide gauge. It is ...

Sextant – Principle, Types, and Uses

A sextant is an instrument used for measuring the angle between two visible objects. Both horizontal and vertical angles can be measured using a sextant. It contains two mirrors which are arranged in such a way that the ...

Errors in Plane Table Surveying

Plane table surveying is a type of surveying in which plotting and field observations are done at the same time. In this article, errors encountered while conducting plane table surveying are briefly explained.Errors in ...

Terms Used in Plane Table Surveying

Meanings of various terms used in plane table surveying must be known before attempting for survey. Each term in plane table survey is useful and their determination during the surveying procedure is important. Terms Used in Plane Table Surveying 1. Centering Centering is ...

Dumpy Level Surveying – Components, Procedure, Advantages

What is Dumpy Level? Dumpy level is commonly used leveling instrument to locate the points in same horizontal plane. It is also called as automatic level or builder’s level. Elevations of different points and distance between the points of ...