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Terms Used in Leveling and their Uses in Surveying

Various terms are used in leveling which must be understood clearly before starting surveying. Leveling is conducted in the field to know the elevation difference between two points.

Surveying for Construction of Irrigation Projects

First step in construction of an irrigation project like dams, barrage or weir requires surveying of whole area. Surveying for an irrigation project is done

Sounding in Hydrographic Surveying – Methods of Locating Sounding

In hydrographic surveying, sounding is the measurement of depth below the water surface. Sounding is most important for any water body to improve its...

Surveying for New Railway Line Construction

Proper surveying is required for construction of new railway line between two places. Several stages are involved to propose suitable alignment for new railway...

Steps Involved in Surveying for City or Township Construction

To build a new city or Township, surveying is to be done by considering all development works necessary for the city. The development works...

Roles and Work of Surveyor in Construction

The surveyor is the person who is supposed to make precise measurement that will identify the boundary. Surveyors help in providing unique contours on the surface of the earth which will let the engineers to make maps and construction projects.

What are Difficulties Faced during Leveling in Surveying?

Different difficulties are faced during leveling which makes the surveying process difficult to carry. Types of difficulties and their methods to overcome are discussed.

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