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Activities in the Construction of Concrete Foundation

Activities in construction of concrete foundations

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Construction of concrete foundation is divided into number of work activities with specific objectives and completion time for each activity is defined. For example, marking foundation layout, excavations, base preparation including leveling and lean concrete placement, formwork and then steel placement, concrete pouring, and curing. These activities are almost the same in almost all types of foundations but the sequence and technique of execution might be different slightly.

Each activity for the construction of concrete foundations has to be planned, as it requires specific equipment at every stage. The construction plan for the foundation is affected by the ability of the contractor to accomplish the project and the resulting costs of the project. Each activity for the construction of a foundation requires different skill sets of workmen and different equipment. All the activities for a foundation construction must be properly sequenced and resources required at different times of the activity must be estimated.

For a construction large construction projects, there can be many numbers of foundations to be casted on a single day. Therefore, it is required to plan each and every activity of this construction. The project planner for foundation construction should determine the quantity of works involved in each activity and estimate the quantity of materials to be required.

The number of tools and equipment, workforce and other resources to be utilized for this construction should be well planned in advance. For instance, the placement of concrete could involve the total number of cubic meters of concrete involved in the activity. The building of forms would normally be measured by the square meter of concrete surface area.

Fig. 1: Concrete Foundation

Activities in the Construction of Concrete Foundation

1. Marking of foundation layout at site. Procedures for setting foundation layout can be obtained here.

2. Earth excavation up to the required depth by means of machine. Excavation steps in combination with safety measures and suitable techniques can be found here.

3. Earth excavation and levelling of soil by means of hand operated tools.

4. Placing of PCC.

5. Placement of reinforcement steel

6. Erection of concrete formworks for footings.

6. Placement of concrete and vibrating and levelling of concrete surface.

7. Removal of formwork after the concrete has set.

8. Curing of concrete for the required number of days.

9. Applying finishing coats on concrete surface.

10. Site cleanup.

11. Backfilling of excavation up to the required depth in the number of layers.

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