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Different size and quantity of reinforcement is required for different concrete members in buildings. Quantity of reinforcement per cubic meter and its suitable sizes for different reinforced concrete construction is discussed.

Reinforcement is required for reinforced concrete members such as footings, beams, columns, slabs, lintels etc. Estimation of reinforcement quantity is required prior to tendering stage to calculate approximate cost of project or construction work.

Size and Quantity of Reinforcement for Building Works

Following table gives the estimated quantities of reinforcement and its size generally used for various building works:

Sl. NoRCC MemberQuantity in kg/m3Size of reinforcement required
1Column footings7510mm or 12mm
2Grade beams10012mm, 16mm – 85%
Stirrups – 6mm or 8mm– 15%
3Plinth beams1258mm diameter – 85%,
Stirrups 6mm – 15%
4Columns22516mm, 20mm and 25mm – 90%
Ties – 6mm or 8mm – 10%
5Lintel beam12512mm, 16mm dia – 85%
Stirrups – 6 mm or 8mm – 15%
6Sunshades608mm dia – 75%
Distributer – 6mm – 25%
7Canopy slab upto 2.0 m span12510mm dia – 80%
Distributor bars – 6mm or 8mm – 20%
8Staircase waist slab15012 or 16mm dia – 80%
Distributor 8mm dia – 15%
9Roof slab
(a) One way slab808mm dia – 70%
Distributor – 6mm – 30%
(b) Two way slab1008mm dia – 100%
(c) Square slab – 4m to 6m size15010 – 12mm dia – 100%
10Main beams above 6m25020mm, 16mm, 12mm – 80 – 85%
Stirrups – 8mm – 15 – 20%

All above mentioned steel are round tapered steel. This data is just for estimation of quantity of steel for various RCC works. This does not provide actual steel required for all the members. Actual quantity of steel required can be calculated from the drawings prepared after structural design.

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