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Checks for Fixing Reinforcements in Formworks of Concrete Structural Members

There are several checks such as condition of reinforcement and formworks, accuracy in steel bar bending, joints and dowel bars, etc. need to be...

What are the Types of Mechanical Splices for Rebars?

Mechanical rebar splices for rebars in concrete construction is an effective method of joining reinforcing bars. These are designed based on codes of standard practice.

Reinforcement Calculator – Areas of Different Diameters and Numbers of Rebars

In design of reinforced concrete structures, areas of reinforcements for different diameters and numbers of rebars are required for specifying rebar details.

Types of Rebaring Equipment used for Reinforcement Cutting and Bending

Different types of rebaring equipment are used for cutting, bending and tying of reinforcement in reinforced concrete construction. These types of rebaring equipments are discussed in this article.

What is Rebaring Technique in Reinforced Concrete Construction?

Rebaring technique in reinforced concrete construction is a method for proper fabrication and placement of reinforcement bars as per the design and drawings for RCC works.

How to Control Corrosion of Steel Reinforcement in Concrete?

Corrosion control of steel reinforcement is necessary to prevent damage and failure of concrete structures. Methods of rebar corrosion control is discussed.

Corrosion of Steel Reinforcement in Concrete -Causes and Protection

Corrosion of steel reinforcement in concrete is complex. Its Causes, factors influencing it and the protection of reinforcement from corrosion is discussed.

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