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Category : Estimating & Costing

Estimating and costing in construction management is the calculation of quantities of materials, tools, equipments, labors etc. and cost associated with them.

How to Make Deductions in Masonry Construction Estimation?

Deduction is necessary in certain cases while estimations are carried out for masonry constructions. For instance, the presence of openings in masonry walls, bearings, doors, windows, segmental arch openings, and semi-circular arch openings. Deductions for these conditions shall ...

What are the Requirements of Good Building Construction Estimator?

Construction estimator plays essential role in the success of building construction projects. There are several requirements that each construction estimator need to have in order to produce proper estimation. For instance, he/ she needs to have sufficient knowledge about drawings and be ...

Degree of Accuracy in Estimating Construction Works

The degree of accuracy used in the estimation of various material quantities used in the construction is crucial. This is to prevent cost estimate errors due to lack of proper accuracy and time consuming because of considering great accuracy which is ...

Top 10 Estimation Software in Construction Industry

The most basic requirement for the preparation of a good bid is a precise and accurate estimate. If prepared by hand, not only the process would be laborious but also liable to errors. With the rapid digitalization of ...

What is Cost of Concrete Construction?

Concrete construction cost is one of the crucial and major components of total cost of a project. It greatly influences the total cost, so it is required to be estimated accurately. There are several parameters that influence the cost of ...