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Category : Brick Masonry

Brick masonry is used for construction of buildings and other structures by using brick stone, stone blocks, brick blocks with different types of masonry.

Kiln Burning Vs Clamp Burning of Bricks

Burning is the last stage of brick making which usually imparts hardness ad strength to the bricks. The burning of bricks should be done properly. The brick should not be over burnt as well as under burnt. In general, bricks are ...

Points to Remember for Mortar in Brickwork Construction

Various grades of mortar such as M1, M2 etc. are used in brickwork construction. Lime mortar and cement mortar are two types of mortar generally used for brickwork. The properties, strength and uses of these mortars under various circumstances should be ...

Common Quality Lapses in Brick Masonry Construction

Various types of defects occur in brickwork due to the adoption of low-quality materials or due to poor workmanship. These defects should be repaired and blended with the structure as soon as possible.Following are ...

Procedure of Brickwork in Masonry Construction

'Standard specification and work procedure for brickwork in masonry construction' provides guidelines about quality of bricks, mortar, soaking of bricks, laying of bricks, curing, scaffolding etc. The construction of brickwork in substructure and superstructure requires quality control on ...

Mortarless Dry-Stacked Interlocking Masonry System

A mortarless dry-stacked interlocking masonry system consists of Interlocking compressed earth blocks(ICEB) or concrete interlocking blocks or fly-ash interlocking blocks that are laid dry-stacked or with minimum mortar slurry in a stretcher bond in a wall.

Differences Between Mortar and Grout

Mortar and grout are both used in the field of construction which are cement based product. Despite both being cement based products, they have different properties, different uses and serve different purposes. The major difference found in the ...