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Methods of Bridge Column Casing -Properties, Details and Uses

Purpose of providing bridge column casing is to improve its ductility, shear and flexural capacity. Methods of column casing, details and uses are discussed.

How to Protect Foundation Structures from Soils and Groundwater Attacks?

Foundation structures are subjected to different types of attacks from underground water and soils and hence necessary protection measures are required.

Visual Inspection of Underwater RCC Structures -Tools and Limitations

Visual inspection is the most widely used method for inspection of underwater reinforced concrete structures. This technique is economical, and it neither time consuming...

Causes and Types of Cracks in Masonry Buildings and their Repair Methods

Various types of cracks in masonry buildings such as in walls, mortar joints, foundations, slabs, columns, their causes and repair methods is discussed.

Types of Building Maintenance Activities for Durability of Building Structures

There are different types of building maintenance works carried out for durable building structures. These building maintenance works with special treatments are discussed.

Trenchless Renewal Methods for Replacement, Renovation of Pipelines

The trenchless renewal methods and innovations in construction is still developing. The trenchless renewal method helps in providing facilities like replacement, rehabilitation, renovation or...

Methods and Procedure for Repair of Underwater Concrete Structures

Several methods are used for repair of underwater concrete structure. These methods with procedure for repair of underwater concrete structures is discussed

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