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Construction Management

Construction management include a project manager, planning, estimation, scheduling, tendering, contracts, equipments etc.

ISO 9000 in Construction Industry

The present development strategies throughout the world demands formal quality management system as a necessary attribute for any business. The main objective of quality...

Workforce Motivational Theories in Construction

The various incentive measures that are applied for workforce motivation in construction industry is based on certain theories which are explained here.Achievement of worker’s...

Automated Material Management and Handling in Construction Projects

The automated material management is a part of computer integrated construction (CIC). It involves automated material identification system and the automated material handling systems. Automated...

Methods for Calculating Cost of Engineering Consultant Services

Several methods are used for calculation of engineering consultant services cost in construction projects at different phase of consultant services.

What Services are Provided by Engineering Consultants in Construction?

Services provided by engineering consultants in construction are consultation, investigations and studies, design and construction and special services. These details are discussed in this article.

Classification of Building Cost Estimates – Approach and Accuracy

The building cost estimates can be classified in many ways. The three major and significant ways in which the building cost estimates can be classified.

Construction Management Software – Comparisons, Features and Benefits

Construction management software helps to manage and execute construction project activities easily and effectively. Comparisons, features and benefits of these software are discussed.

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