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Category : Building Technology Guide

Building technology and construction guide provides information on building and construction materials for different types of construction works.

Lime Concrete and its Uses in Construction

Lime concrete is composite mixture of lime as binding material, sand as fine aggregate and gravel as coarse aggregate in appropriate proportions. Composition of lime concrete depends upon the type of construction but in general it can be ...

8 Properties of Polymer Materials for Use in Construction

Mechanical and chemical properties of polymer materials are of great importance to know before use in any construction applications. Such materials are increasingly used in infrastructure construction for instance structural components, protective coating, and adhesives.

Difference Between Red Bricks and Solid Concrete Blocks

Red bricks are one of the oldest and extensively used building material that is primarily made from clay. Solid concrete blocks are precast concrete blocks manufactured from cement and fine aggregates. The important difference between red bricks and ...

Manhole Covers – Size, Types, and Classes

Manholes cover is a removable plate that is used to shield the manholes from anyone or anything from falling into it. Different manhole cover sizes, types and standard classes are explained in this article with respect to the ...