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Category : Construction Engineering & Management

Construction Engineering & Management provides information on Equipments, Contracts, Project Management and cost estimation of project.

Vendor Management in the Construction Industry

Vendor management in construction industry focuses on enlisting the vendors, managing the services and goods provided by the vendors to execute the project in a less complex way. Every construction organisation demands vendor management to handle complexities associated ...

Three Major Types of Construction Cost Estimates

The construction cost estimates are viewed from different perspectives based on different institutional requirements. There are several types of cost estimates in the project, but the top classification of cost estimates is based on the functions; Design, bid ...

What is Construction Bidding?

Construction bidding is the process of submitting a tender by the contractor to the client as a proposal to conduct or manage a particular construction project. The bidding process is an incredibly important part of a construction project. ...

What are Construction Barriers?

Construction barriers are physical items in the form of signs or fences that are used on the construction sites to protect anything against damage, limit the movement or a specific work and prevent unauthorized actions on the construction.

Quality and Safety Concern in Building Constructions

Quality control and safety represent increasingly important concerns for project managers. This is because defects or failures in constructed facilities can result in the loss of very large costs. Even with minor defects, re-construction may be required and facility operations impaired. As ...

Mechanization in Construction Industry- Motivations, and Advantages

Mechanization is the process of shifting from working largely or exclusively by hand to do that work using machines. The construction projects are becoming more demanding and complicated in construction and delay of projects would arise if conventional construction method is used.