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Construction Engineering & Management provides information on Equipments, Contracts, Project Management and cost estimation of project.

Damp proofing of Slabs on Ground

The slabs-on-ground does not require high protection against water penetration and moisture in arid regions that does not have soils or have any sort...

Deep Well Systems For Dewatering of Excavations

Deep well systems are dewatering methods used to remove the water from pervious sand or rocks formations beneath the excavations.

Constructability in Construction and Issues at Design and Execution

Constructability in construction consists of design and execution at site. Issues faced during design and execution is discussed.

Fire and Safety Features of High-Rise Buildings and Structures

Fire and other safety features of high rise buildings and structures is essential. Types and concerns related to these features is discussed.

Tunnel Construction Techniques and Their Details

A tunnel construction is an underground passage provided beneath earth surface or water. Different methods of tunnel construction and their details are discussed.

Construction Management Software – Comparisons, Features and Benefits

Construction management software helps to manage and execute construction project activities easily and effectively. Comparisons, features and benefits of these software are discussed.

Construction of Culverts and Minor Bridges- Siting and Investigation of Catchment Area

Road or rail line projects involves construction of culverts and minor bridges. Siting considerations and investigation of catchment area for construction of culverts and minor bridges is discussed.

Highway Sound Barrier Masonry Walls -Purpose, Advantages and Design Considerations

Highway sound barrier wall works as a sound energy absorber before sound reaches the receiver. Purpose, advantages, and design considerations of Highway sound barrier masonry wall is discussed.

BAMTEC Carpet Reinforcement System -Advantages, Design and Installation

BAMTEC carpet reinforcement system is most advanced and complex system. BAMTEC carpet reinforcement system advantages, design and installation is discussed.

Anchoring in Masonry Structures – Types, Installation, Anchorage Length and Strength

Anchors in masonry structures are commonly used to attach different structural and nonstructural masonry components. Types, installation, anchorage length and its strength is discussed.

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