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Category : Concrete Technology Guide For CIvil Engineer

Concrete technology guide provides information on materials, properties, mix design. types, strength and durability of concrete.

What Factors Causes Failure of Concrete Structures?

Different factors cause the failure of concrete structure such as errors from design stage to construction stage and to occupancy. The main causes of failure of concrete structures are discussed. What Factors Causes Failure of Concrete Structures? The main factors that affect ...

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Factors Affecting Performance of Concrete During Fire

Inevitably, concrete structures are exposed to fire and high temperature during its life service which creates changes in concrete properties detrimentally and also sometimes causing failure. Therefore, it is considerably significant to understand factors that control concrete performance during fires. This article would ...

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Hand Mixing of Concrete -Procedure and Precautions

Carrying out hand mixing of concrete requires special skills and care during the process for quality control of fresh concrete. The precautions and the correct way of performing hand mixing of concrete is to undergo the mixing process as recommended ...

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