What are the soil tests required for a 3 storey building?


What are the soil tests required for a 3 storey building and the standards for each test?

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  1. Tests conducted for foundation of 3 storey buildings may change based on the type of soil on project site. Tests are commonly involves both field and laboratory which are discussed below:
    Field investigation
    Field investigation starts with the physical exploration to identify the presence of wet area, presence of plant trees or shrubs and presence of problematic soils like clay, which may call for detailed field studies. Depending on the resources available, either shallow profiles or boreholes are executed for further investigation.
    Geotechnical site investigation consisted of open trial pits, coring and trial pit logging, in-situ water content, the weathering profile description and the collection of disturbed and undisturbed samples for laboratory tests.
    Laboratory tests
    1. Grain Size Distribution
    2. In-Situ Moisture and Density Test
    3. Atterberg Limits
    4. Potential Swell Based on Tables and Charts
    5. Swell Tests (Free swell test, Free swell in the oedometer)
    6. X-Ray Diffraction (XRD) Microscopy

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