Which cement is best for concrete slab construction? OPC or PPC?


Which cement is best for concrete slab construction? OPC or PPC?
What is the difference and advantages of these cements for slab?

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  1. Todays Sinario is little different in case of big construction where Batching plant is used they Bought OPC and Mix Flyash/GGBS by there own to prepare concrete. and where no batching plant is used PPC/PSC should be Better then OPC. as due to low heat of hydration and Slow strength gain of initial 7 days give a more compact and LESS crack prone Durable structure. and definitely other process of construction considered as slandered.(MIXING, CURING, Etc)

  2. both are used in construction of slab
    mainly OPC is used for RCC, PCC work, reason for that is high compressive strength in less period of time with proper curing
    PPC can be used for plaster, masonry work or waterproofing as strength is not major criteria
    PPC has an edge on OPC as PPC has slower rate of heat of hydration. Thereby PPC is prone to less cracks & reduced shrinkage), better workability and finishing (as fly ash based cement are spherical in shape and finer in size).
    PPC is cheaper than OPC

  3. Both OPC and PPC cements are good for construction of concrete slab. OPC is the most commonly used cement in industrial and large construction, PPC is most commonly used for small residential constructions.
    PPC is used where possibilities of sulphate attack is higher as it has good sulphate resistance compared to OPC. Also pozzolana Portland cement is cheaper than ordinary Portland cement.
    OPC cement hardens faster than PPC, has higher heat of hydration and thus it requires more care in curing.

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