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Helix Fiber Concrete – Applications, Advantages and Specifications

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Helix fiber is a type of steel fiber used as concrete reinforcement . This article provides specifications, advantages and applications of helix fiber concrete.

What is Helix Fiber Concrete?

Helix is a revolutionary concrete reinforcing additive which has been thoroughly tested over the past ten years. The patented, toothpick sized, twisted fibers give concrete added strength and reduces cracking.


What does Helix Fibers do to Concrete?

Everyone knows that plain concrete is brittle and will crack .Since Helix is added with the other ingredients, it becomes part of the mix and is dispersed throughout the entire matrix of the concrete. Adding Helix directly to the mix allows you to eliminate rebar or wire mesh and maximizes ductility. Helix reinforced concrete continues to carry load with no loss in residual strength.

Advantages of Helix Fiber Concrete

1) The Twist in Helix Fibers

In simple terms, the twist in Helix maximizes the bond with the concrete that surrounds it.The addition of millions of Helixes into concrete results in a super strong and flexible concrete mix  

2) Easy to use

By use of Helix fiber concrete, the time-consuming work of reinforcement cutting, bending, and placing before concreting is not required. You just order the RMC helix fiber concrete and forget about it. Helix is completely mixed in the truck along with the other ingredients.

3) Easy mixing and placing

Mixing of Helix Fiber Concrete

Mix Design of Helix Fiber Concrete: Slump should be between 3 and 5 inches (7.6-12.7cm) at the time of Helix introduction. Helix will not ball during mixing. Truck Mixer: always add Helix as the last step. Set drum at idle speed. Pan Mixer/Drum Mixer: Helix should be added together with sand and aggregates or to freshly mixed concrete.

Placing of Helix Fibers

Helix fiber reinforced concrete may be placed using conventional methods, no special equipment is needed.

Finishing of Helix Fiber Reinforced Concrete

4) Eliminate cracks, add strength with Helix " The strongest Reinforcement available for concrete. 5) Stronger and Less Expensive than all other concrete Reinforcing methods.

Applications of Helix Fiber Concrete

Commercial Construction

Case Study: Slab on Grade The Problem The original design called for a 20 cm (7.75”) thick concrete slab. The owner desired a stronger and less expensive solution.

Helix fiber Solution

Helix was added at a dosage 7 kg/m3 (15 lbs./yd3) to a reduced concrete thickness of 12 cm (4.75”) - resulting in a cost savings of 22%. The resulting slab has added strength and crack protection.

Reinforced Concrete

Steel is added to concrete to carry the load after the concrete cracks. Helix is no different. Using helix instead of rebar and mesh provides these advantages: Read More: Fiber Reinforced Concrete – Types, Properties & Advantages of Fiber Reinforced Concrete
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