What are the Books to Refer for Prefabricated Structures?


Which textbooks should be referred to learn about design and construction of prefabricated structures?

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  1. Prefabricated Systems: Principles of Construction 1st Edition.
    by Ulrich Knaack

  2. Books and authors for prefabricated structures:

    1. Gerostiza C.Z., Hendrikson C. and Rehat D.R., “Knowledge based process planning for
      construction and manufacturing”, Academic Press Inc.
    2. Koncz T., “Manual of precast concrete construction”, Vol. I, II and III, Bauverlag, GMBH.
    3.  Kim s. elliott., “Precast concrete structures” and “Multi-precast concrete framed structures”.
    4. CBRI, Building materials and components, India.

    Local author books:

    1. “Prefabricated Structures” by Dr. R. Saravanan from Lakshmi Publications.
    2. “Prefabricated structures” by P.Loganathan from Al Ameen engineering college erode tamilnadu.
    3. “Prefabricated Structures” by Dr. R.Ganesan and Mrs.A.Latha from Sree kamalamani Publications.
    4. “Prefabricated Structures” by M.Pradeep kumar from Shanlax Publications.

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