What is Stress Ribbon Bridge?


What is a stressed ribbon bridge? Please provide details about it.

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  1. explain the components of stressed ribbon bridge….what questions are arising in this topic..

  2. A stressed ribbon bridge is a tension structure which is similar to a simple suspension bridge. The suspension cables in a stressed ribbon bridge are embedded in the deck which follows a catenary arc between supports.

    Stressed Ribbon Bridge

    Unlike the simple suspension spans which tends to sway and bounce, the ribbon is stressed in compression which adds to the stiffness of the structure. The supports of stressed ribbon bridge support upward thrusting arcs that allow the grade to be changed between spans where multiple spans are used.

    Stressed ribbon bridges are typically constructed from concrete reinforced by steel tensioning cables. Degree of stiffness required for such bridges depends on vehicle traffic conditions. For heavy vehicle traffic, certain degree of stiffness is required to prevent excessive flexure of the structure. This stiffness can be obtained by stressing the concrete in compression.

    Components of Stressed Ribbon Bridge
    Fig: Components of a Stressed Ribbon Bridge
    The construction of stressed ribbon bridges requires less materials as compared to other bridges, requires less maintenance and can be erected with expansion joints. Thus, these bridges are aesthetic, economical as well as environment friendly.

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