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Category : Building Tips

Tips on Building construction to civil engineers. This section consists of practical guide and other relevant information on building materials and construction which every civil engineers should know.

Methods to Rectify Over Leaned Buildings and Structures

There are number of factors that cause the structure to excessively lean or settle. For example, liquefaction of soil beneath the foundation after earthquake occurrence, excavation, groundwater condition variation, poor soil bearing capacity, inappropriate foundation and construction defects.When a building ...

Strategies to Protect Buildings Close to Deep Excavation

Building structures close to the excavation for deep foundations may suffer settlement and subsequent cracking and even failure. Therefore, it is necessary to practice utmost cares while deep excavation is carried out to reduce its undesired effect on the surrounding ...

What are the Types of Ties Used in Building Construction?

Ties are tensioned reinforcements anchored and lapped mechanically or welded. Types of ties in building construction, their design and uses are discussed. What are Ties in Building Construction? Ties are continuous tensioned reinforcements which are completely anchored and sufficiently lapped mechanically or ...

How to Set Up Sewer Sanitary System Layout?

Sewer sanitary system consists of network of pipelines to carry wastewater from houses to wastewater treatment system. Setting up layout for sewer sanitary system with procedure is discussed.

Methods and Process of Painting on Different Surfaces

Painting on a surface is not same for all surface types. Some precautions are to be taken before and after painting. Methods and process of painting on different surfaces are discussed. Methods and Process of Painting on Different SurfacesNew wood ...