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Category : Building Technology Guide

Building technology and construction guide provides information on building and construction materials for different types of construction works.

Seismic Design of Multi-Storied RCC Buildings

Reinforced concrete multi-storied buildings are very complex to model as structural systems for analysis. Usually, they are modeled as two-dimensional or three-dimensional frame systems using finite beam elements. For evaluating stiffness matrix of beam elements, the properties required are ...

Shoring and Underpinning in Building Construction

Shoring, underpinning and scaffolding are used in building construction to support and strengthen the structure. Definition of these with types of shoring is discussed in this article. What is shoring? Shoring is a general term used in construction to describe ...


Materials Used in Rolling Shutter: Rolling shutters are a type of door normally used for godowns and shops. The specification of rolling shutter shall be as per the requirement of the client. Here I am trying to ...

Setting Out Building Foundations on Ground

Setting out of building foundation trenches is the process of laying down the excavation line and centerline on the ground based on the foundation plan. The setting out process is also called as ground tracing that is performed before commencing ...

13 Types of Cement and their Uses in Concrete Construction

There are various types of cement used in concrete construction. Each type of cement has its own properties, uses and advantages based on composition materials used during its manufacture. 13 Types of Cement and their UsesOrdinary Portland Cement (OPC) Portland ...

Self-Healing Materials in Civil Engineering

Self-Healing Materials in Civil Engineering Self Healing Materials are a type of smart materials that have the built in capability to repair the early stage damage that would finally lead to material failure.This research is inspired by nature as living organisms ...