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Category : Earthquake Engineering

Earthquake engineering deals with the study of earthquake forces and its effects on the buildings and structures.

Different Types of Base Isolators Used in Buildings

Different types of base isolation techniques are developed one after the other, each prepared for specific seismic conditions and structures. Some of the important base isolation systems used in buildings are elastomeric bearings and friction pendulum bearings. These ...

Seismic Dampers – Types, Working Mechanism, and Components

Damper systems are designed and manufactured to protect structural integrities, control structural damages, and to prevent injuries to the residents by absorbing seismic energy and reducing deformations in the structure. Seismic dampers permit the ...

What are the Effects of Earthquake on Structures?

Earthquake is the most dangerous natural phenomenon that generates sizable destruction in structures. It is reported that two sources of mistakes which would seriously endanger structures are ignoring the ways an earthquake affects buildings and shoddy construction practices. ...

10 Construction Mistakes to Avoid in Earthquake-Prone Areas

Buildings require great designs and sound construction practices to be able to withstand the disastrous forces of an earthquake. There are several common designs and construction mistakes one can avoid to keep a building intact and minimize the ...

Performance Levels of Buildings Against Earthquakes

Performance level of structures against earthquakes describes limiting damage condition that assumed to be satisfactory for a given building and a given ground motion. Moreover, building damages, danger to life safety of occupants in the building due to the damage, and ...

Factors Affecting Degree of Earthquake Damages to Buildings

Various factors such as brittle columns, stiffness elements, flexible ground floor, short columns, shapes, sizes, number of storeys, type of foundation, location of adjacent buildings, structural layouts etc. affects the degree of damages to buildings during earthquakes. These factors which influence ...