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Pile Foundation

Pile Foundation describes its types, materials, construction techniques, uses in different soil conditions and related calculations.

Tensile Piles or Uplift Piles – Piles Under Tension – Analysis and Design

Pile foundation that is constructed to resist the uplift forces can be called as Tension Piles. These are also called as uplift piles or...

What is Pile Drivability? Factors Influencing Pile Drivability and its Evaluation

What is pile drivability? It is the ability of the pile to be driven to a designated depth without suffering without sustaining damages. The ultimate...

Precautions for Bored Piles Construction and Inspection

There are several precautions that need to be considered while inspection and construction of bored pile foundation is preceded. These precautions will be discussed...

What are Methods of Driving Piles Over Water?

Various methods have been developed to drive piles over water. Piles are used as a foundation for various marine structures such as wharves and...

Settlement Reducing Piles in Piled Basements and Shafts

Settlement reducing piles are used to reduce differential settlement of piles in basement slab and shaft slab construction and provides economical option.

Effect of Soil Liquefaction on Pile Foundation and its Remedies

Pile foundations are likely to experience liquefaction and its effects on such foundation are in several forms or ways. Effects of liquefaction on pile foundation is discussed.

Spacing and Skin Friction in Pile Group Construction

Pile foundation spacing and skin friction in a pile group decides the design of pile foundation, its efficiency and capacity in any pile construction.

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