Units of Measurement for Payments of Civil Construction Works

Units of Measurements for payment of construction works in civil engineering projects are given in table below:

Sl. No. Civil Construction Works Units of measurement Unit of payment
1 Earthwork: Excavation, filling, cutting, bankingm3100 m3
2 Surface dressingm2m2
3 Cutting of treesNumberPer number
4 Stones: quarrying, blastingm3m3
5 Concrete: PCC, RCC, Precastm3m3
6 Jail worksm2m2
7 Damp proof coursem2m2
8 Brick work of any descriptionm3m3
9 Thin partition wallm2m2
10 String course, drip course, water course coping etc.mm
11 Stone work of any descriptionm3m3
12 Stone work in wall facing (thickness specified)m2m2
13 Wood work: truss, rafter, beam etc.m3m3
14 Door, window shuttersm2m2
15 Door, window fittingsNumberPer number
16 Timbering, boarding, sawing of timber, timbering of trenches, partition, etc.m2m2
17 Steel workQuintalPer quintal
18 Expanded metal, fabric reinforcement, cutting angles, plates, teescm2cm2
19 Threading; welding; solder of sheetscmPer cm
20 Iron gate, grill collapsible gate, rolling shutterm2m2
21 Iron railingmm
22 Roofing: tiled, corrugated iron, caves board (thickness specified)m2 m2
23 Centering, shutteringm2m2
24 Ridges; valleys; gutters (girth given)mm
25 Expansion and contraction jointsmm
26 Ceiling timber, A.C. sheet, board, etc.m2m2
27 Plastering; pointing; white washing; distempering; painting; varnishing; polishing; coal tarring; removing of paintsm2m2
28 Flooring of any kindm2m2
29 Pipes, laying of pipesmm
30 Dismantling of brick masonrym3m3
31 Groutingm2m2
32 Grouting of cracks, jointsmm
33 Supply of sand; brick ballast; aggregates; timberm3m3
34 Supply of cementBagPer bag
35 Supply of steel, G.I. sheet, bare electric lineQuintalPer quintal
36 Supply of GI sheetm2m2
37 Supply of sanitary itemsNumberPer number
38 Supply of paint, varnishesLiterPer liter
39 Supply of explosives, stiff paintKgPer kg