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Tests on Concrete

Articles on Tests on concrete as a construction material for suitability to various civil engineering works for strength and durability.

Slump and Compacting Factor Test Values and Uses in Concrete Workability

Concrete slump and compacting factor tests are most used test for workability. The degree of workability of concrete depends on the values of test results.

Rebound Hammer Test on Concrete – Principle, Procedure, Advantages & Disadvantages

What is Rebound Hammer Test? Rebound Hammer test is a Non-destructive testing method of concrete which provide a convenient and rapid indication of the compressive...

Testing of Concrete Cores for Strength – Sampling and Procedure

The testing of concrete cores is carried out according to the ASTM Standard C 42. Core sampling and procedure for strength determination using concrete core is discussed.

Tests on Hardened Concrete in Structures

Various tests on Hardened Concrete is done to ensure the design strength of concrete and quality of concrete construction is achieved. Tests on Hardened Concrete The...


Measurement of steel reinforcement corrosion in concrete is essential to analyse the strength and durability of structure.  Currently no instrument or technique  is  available, ...

Accelerated Curing Method for Compressive Strength Test of Concrete

Accelerated Curing Method is used to get early high compressive strength in concrete. This method is also used to find out 28 days compressive...
Acceptance concrete test results

Concrete Cube and Cylinder Test Results Acceptance Criteria

Acceptance of Concrete Test Results As per ACI-5.6 (2008) it is recommended to perform the test on concrete in fresh, hardened or old state by...

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