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Methods to Monitor Crack Width Changes in Structures

Observing crack width changes is one of the techniques used to monitor structural damages due to ground movements, and there are several instruments used to monitor crack width changes. These instruments are discussed below. Methods to Monitor Crack Width Changes in ...

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Strategies to Protect Buildings Constructed on Brownfield Land

The term Brownfield land is used for a land that has been developed previously, i.e. buildings and associated infrastructures have been constructed on such land previously. Building structures on Brownfield land is substantially significant since it reduces the amount of green ...

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Embedments in Concrete and When it is Used in Reinforced Concrete

What are embedments in concrete? Embedments are any items for instance pipes, ducts, sleeves, and conduits placed in concrete elements for different purposes. Embedments are commonly manufactured from different materials. They are mostly used for services such as ventilation and passing ...

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Inspection Checklists for Construction of Urban Stormwater System

Checks that need to be carried at different stages of urban stormwater system construction includes checklist for excavation, trenching, pipes before application, pipe installation, gravel envelope, manholes, outlets, jacket crossing and backfilling. In this article, inspection checklist required during the urban ...

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Recommendations for Good Brick Masonry Construction Practices

Several recommendations for good site brick masonry construction includes practices for accuracy and tolerances, appearance, durability, structural performance, weatherproofing, thermal performance and accommodation of movements. Recommendations for Good Brick Masonry Construction Practices 1. Accuracy and Tolerances It is highly recommended to set accuracy ...

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