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The Constructor - Civil Engineering Home for Civil Engineers

The Constructor - Civil Engineering Home provides informational resources to Civil Engineers in United States of America, India, United Kingdom, Australia and around the world on various subjects such as construction management, Structural Engineering, Building Construction Tips, How to Guides for Civil Engineers etc.

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Types of Arch Dam Construction

Classification of an arch dam depends on its angle, radius and curvature. There are four types of arch dams i.e. constant radius arch dam, variable radius arch dam, constant angle arch dam, double curvature arch dam. An arch dam is curve ...

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Terms Used in Leveling and their Uses in Surveying

Various terms are used in leveling which must be understood clearly before starting surveying. Leveling is conducted in the field to know the elevation difference between two points. To find the elevation difference, at least the elevation of one point ...

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Instruments Used in Engineering Drawing -its Uses and Importance

What is Engineering Drawing? In engineering drawing, engineering related objects like buildings, walls, electrical fittings, pipes, machines etc. are represented with specifications like size, shape, materials etc. Several engineering drawing software with more accuracy are available. But, drawing on paper is still ...

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Different Types of Concrete Mixer or Concrete Mixing Machines

What is a Concrete Mixer? A concrete mixer mixes cement, aggregates and water and produce concrete mechanically. There are various types of concrete mixers available which makes concrete production quick and economical. Types of Concrete Mixers There are two ...

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Components of an Airport

There are various components of an airport which are structures. The planning and designing of these Airport components are carried out by civil and structural engineers.

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Surveying for Construction of Irrigation Projects

First step in construction of an irrigation project like dams, barrage or weir requires surveying of whole area. Surveying for an irrigation project is done to understand if the dams or other irrigation construction is required or not. The area should ...

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