What Factors Affects the Number of Boreholes and their Depths in Subsoil Investigation?


Explain the various factors that help decide the number and depth of boreholes required for subsoil investigation

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  1. Number of Boreholes

    1-Time allocated for investigations

    2- Cost

    3- The structure for which the investigation is conducted

    4- and sometimes the availability of necessary equipment and individuals with adequate skills and experience.

    5- Geological Conditions

    Borehole numbers are assumed to be economical unless their cost would not surpass the amount of savings in foundation cost. Otherwise it will increase the total cost of the project which is not desirable.

    Determining Depth of Boreholes

    The depth of boreholes is controlled by the depth of the soil that is under the influence of bearing pressure of the foundation. The recommended borehole depth is equal to one to three times the width of the loaded area. This is because it is suggested that bearing pressure below this depth would cause detrimental effect on the structure.

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